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Perinorm (DIN, VDI, VDE Standards)

MUAS has a membership with DIN that allows authorised members of the University (professors, assistant professors, students and administrative staff) to print available DIN standards.

Guest Users have access to the DIN standards and guidelines, but printing is prohibited.

DIN Standards

MUAS is the official DIN entry point and has full-text access to the collection of valid DIN and draft standards. DIN Standards are available in electronic format via the database Perinorm

VDI Standards

All valid VDI-Standards are available online for students/staff of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. VDI-Standards are accessible in electronic format via the database Perinorm .

VDE Standards

The VDE-Standards are available online from the standard publisher VDE Verlag .It is not possible, and it is prohibited to save or print VDE standards.


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