Print Journals (List)

Please Note: Individual issues of journals, without a barcode, cannot be borrowed. (Unbound issues with barcodes are indicated on the list.) You can scan articles as JPEG, TIF or PDF and save them on a UBS stick.

Click on the following link for the list of print journals. > German version of the web page

When viewing the list, the column titled 'Titel' refers to the title of the journal, 'Standort' to the location and 'Bestand' to the available holdings. Below is the translation of the location codes which is helpful to know when viewing the list.


BiZeOpen Shelving at Central Library (alphabetized)
BiKaOpen Shelving at Branch Library Karlstrasse (alphabetized)
BiPaOpen Shelving at Branch Library Pasing (alphabetized)
BiZe/Mag.In storage at Central Library (usually available on same day)
BiKa/Mag.In storage at Branch Library Karlstrasse (usually available the next day)
BiPa/Mag.In storage at Branch Library Pasing (usually available the next day)


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