Branch Library Pasing - Floor Plan

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Overview - Main Collection: (Local Code: 30/...)

  • B: Religion
  • C: Philosophy, Psychology
  • D: Education and Social Work
  • M: Politics, Sociology
  • T,U,V,W: Natural Sciences
  • X,Y: Medicine, Z: Home Economics, Technology, Sport
  • QB - QQ 800, QR - QY: Business and Economics
  • QP: Business Administration
  • E, F: Comp. Lang., G: Germanic Lang. & Lit., H: English (Brit.and Amer.) Lang. & Lit.
  • I: Romanic Lang. & Lit., K: Slavonic Lang. & Lit. etc., L: Arts, Music, N: History
  • P: Jurisprudence
  • A: Generalities, Environment
  • R: Geography
  • S: Computing
  • OB..., OD..., OM...: Student Work - Theses for Bachelor's, Diplom' degree, Master's

Special Collections: locate the German word on the floor plan

  • Journals (alphabetical) - see Zeitschriften (alphabetisch) (German)
  • Reference Works - see Nachschlagerwerke (German)
  • Textbooks Collection - see Lehrbuchsammlung (German)

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0.0 Floor (EG) - Ground Floor

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1.0 Floor (OG) - Galerie

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-1.0 Floor (UG)


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